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A fresh start

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The is kinda exciting. My very first blogpost in english.

I’ve been blogging in danish for about 3 years, and have had many good experinces with that. I actually still do both corporate and personal blogging in danish. I just needed a few new angles on my blogging.

First off, unlike one of my favorite bloggers ever, Heather B. Armstrong, I do not have the guts to blog about my personal family, with them knowing about it. I need this space in english to express myself more freely.

Secondly I also like the challenge in trying to express myself in english rather than my native tongue. I found myself thinking that I am doing well in english. This blog will either prove me right or wrong. In any case, if YOU are fluid in written english, please do not hesitate to correct my spelling, grammar and so on, here.

In fact, I welcome it!

I guess I should try to explain that thing about my family. It’ll be a nice blog-opener.

A year and a half ago I wrote this lengthy piece on my decision to quit my job and go to college, age 28. I was thrilled and buzzing with optimism. When blogging about this, I touched the subject of my mom’s former job. A job that had drained her of will to work (something I had become increasingly worried about with respect to my own job situation), and a job that had given her serious issues about her confidence and her mental health. I wrote about how awful I thought it was that the group of women she worked with didn’t manage to stick together against a tyrannic boss, who basically saturated their days with fear, bitterness, thus creating a working place not fitted for people with feelings.

When I wrote that, my parents had just started reading my blog and my mom was furious and very hurt that I had included her in my online-writings. She had a mental image of my blog as a thing that probably all internet users were reading on a daily basis. Unfortunately not the case. I never managed to explain to her why I thought that it was important to be able to discuss such topics, and that there might be others out there with similar issues, who might get encouraged to read that once my mom “got out”, she improved her quality of life by several thousand percent! To this day, my parents keep reading my blog in danish, and my mom is always checking if there is anything “on” her. In my opinion, she doesn’t “get” what I am doing. She’s very afraid that someone will read my blog and think less of her. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but her mind is made up. Blogging about issues, fights, debates, discussions and feelings is bad. End of story. So instead of upsetting her on a weekly basis, I’ll make this language transition, and give it a go in english.

Any comments on my blogging are more than welcome.


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Written by that danish dude

April 6, 2008 at 6:25 pm